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My main passion is within professional project management, workplace innovation, and adaptive leadership. Building a sense of shared purpose, coaching teams towards mutual goals and successful results – that’s my drive. I practice professional project management methods, together with agile & lean principles.

I have worked and delivered value in a broad set of businesses and environments; entrepreneur driven & commercial companies, within government & defense, and non-profit. Although project management is my main area, I’ve worn more hats in my career including (but not limited to); product management, portfolio management, program management, product development (hardware and software), brand strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, B2B sales, organizational training, product training, employee management, business strategy, web design, packaging design and graphical design.

Curiosity, experience and inspiring people has taught me this:

– Understanding the result and impact of actions creates motivation.

– Trust is the key of every professional (and private) relationship.

– Have visions, but have clear and measurable (and reachable) goals.

– Be serious about work, but to have fun and following passion, creates true dedication.

– If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

I also enjoy to discuss and share experiences and knowledge. I blog on richardsvahn.com and I volonteer within PMI Sweden Chapter.

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